This versatile coffee maker can produce everything from bold, short espresso style shots to beautifully rich and clean long cups of coffee. Dynamite comes is small packages – The Aeropress combines immersion-based brewing (like a french press) with pressure based brewing (like an espresso machine) into one user friendly and affordable contraption.

Features & Specifications :

– Easy to clean and user friendly

– Makes short espresso-style shots and long filter-style brews

– Produces a very clean cup of coffee with no grit thanks to a small paper filterIdeal for making a single cup of coffee straight into the cup

– Makes up to 4 shots at the same time (which can be diluted to make Americanos)

– Durable & portable – made of almost impossible to break plastic

– Entirely manually operated – ideal for camping or travelling as no power required

Included in the box :

– Aeropress coffee maker (plunger with seal, chamber and filter cap)

– Measuring scoop

– Perfectly fitted funnel to avoid spilling

– 350 Microfilters (which can be re-used up to 20 times each)

– A perfectly sized stirrer

– A stand which holds your filters